Fucking Super!

December 18, 2008

A couple of years ago, I was at a Rosehips show at Bourbon St. There was some crazy guy in front of me doing various crazy things that don’t really matter – wearing a smelly coat, having ridiculous bald-in-the-front-long-in-the-back hair, sort of *conducting* the band, etc. At one point, he turned around after a song was over and said to me, “That was fucking super!”

Which it was, actually. Crazy guy was right.


2 Responses to “Fucking Super!”

  1. tobilynne Says:

    To be fair, they are fucking super…

  2. pb Says:

    You pretending to like X is like you pretending to like jazz music. You know it’s bullshit, but you are afraid to admit it sucks because some idiot might think you are not smart. Besides myself, my wife, and “Commander” thesaurus, I can only think of about 5 other losers who might read this nonsense. So who are you trying to impress?

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