Columbia Gas is not FuckingSuper

June 9, 2009

Long boring story, not my fault, everyone’s a cocksucker, blah blah blah so then they came and turned the gas back on. The guy who did it did two things:
1) he cranked the temperature on my water heater, which I keep low *deliberately*; and
2) he ‘disabled’ my furnace b/c it was ‘possibly faulty’ and told me I had to get a ‘qualified HVAC guy’ out to repair it before it could be used again.

The water heater temp was easily corrected, and I just figured I’d sort out the furnace thing later — till I realized that the AC goes through the furnace. So I went down there to sort out the ‘disabled’ furnace and discovered that he apparently thinks I’m some dumbass girl who knows nothing about nothing: ‘disabled’ means he took the front off. Like I do every time I change the filter. Needless to say, I have AC again (though I’m too cheap to run it 95% of the time).

In conclusion: Columbia Gas is not FuckingSuper, I am not stupid, and cold showers pretty much suck.


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